About BBR

Proudly serving our customers with the best

BBR Facility

High precision manufacturing of babbitt bearings and similar products is the focus at Babbitt Bearing Resource Inc. BBR is committed to exceeding the expectations of our global customer base by providing high quality, precision manufactured and repaired babbitt bearings and parts for all industries. Whether machining parts for OEM’s or end users, the same high quality bearings are produced for each customer.

Who We Are - Dedication

In addition to a successful business model and the desire to achieve total customer satisfaction, BBR is also dedicated to reinvesting in the company and the expansion of the organization. We feel that success is not only measured by customer approval, but is also proven by the growth of our organization. BBR is consistently adding new equipment and expanding our facility. As a proud organization, we also believe in taking care of our most important asset, our employees. BBR has consistently been able to create new jobs in a struggling economy and is dedicated to creating new jobs throughout our future.

Highest Quality Possible

Capabilities in our 21,000 square foot climate controlled manufacturing facility, including our in-house babbitt casting department, are limitless. BBR is dedicated to continuously improving and upgrading our processes as well as our equipment and facility. A strategically designed floor plan and Lean Manufacturing methodology allows for highly efficient production at reduced costs. As part of continuous improvement, BBR is dedicated to constantly investing in new equipment and machinery with the latest technology. BBR also has a very rigorous preventative maintenance schedule eliminating machine down time on new as well as existing equipment. High quality products are the result of our well-maintained facility.